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Re: [DISNEYLAND RESORT] Disneyland Park

Message par Lionne83 le Lun 11 Avr 2016 - 15:44

[DISNEYLAND] A Disneyland en Californie, la réhabilitation de l'attraction Disneyland-Auto Topia se poursuivent avec un...

Posté par ED92 sur lundi 11 avril 2016

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Re: [DISNEYLAND RESORT] Disneyland Park

Message par Darth Vader le Mar 21 Fév 2017 - 12:34

You are invited to be our guest and step into the beloved “Beauty and the Beast” story in new ways! For a limited time, Fantasyland at Disneyland park will bring this tale to life with special experiences that celebrate the classic Disney animated feature.

Red Rose Taverne – This dining location at the northwest edge of Fantasyland will magically transform from Village Haus Restaurant into a lively French taverne, with delicious quick-service meals perfect for all ages! Adorned with beautiful murals depicting favorite scenes from Disney’s animated feature, “Beauty and the Beast,” and draped with inviting curtains, each room of Red Rose Taverne tells a different chapter of the tale as old as time. The menu will transform as well, featuring some of your favorite tastes with a French taverne-inspired twist, as well as new signature beverages. We’ll have details to share on these delicious additions soon – and yes, you will be able to try our own version of the Grey Stuff. (I hear it’s delicious!)

Royal Reception – This special merchandise location adjacent to Red Rose Taverne offers keepsakes, apparel and collectibles inspired by both the animated Disney feature as well as the new, live-action film, “Beauty and the Beast,” in theaters March 17.

That Gaston – We all know Gaston loves a taverne, so don’t be surprised if you find him preening around Fantasyland. Stop him and ask him to flex his biceps – he loves that.

Maurice’s Treats – The celebration continues in nearby Fantasy Faire, where each twist on the menu at Maurice’s Treats will be presented with … well … a twist! And those of you who have been clamoring for a dipping sauce to go along with your tasty twist will be pleased to know that marinara, strawberry and even Grey Stuff dipping sauces will soon be available.

The Royal Theatre Presents “Beauty and the Beast” – Be sure to drop by the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire as Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones present their take on “Beauty and the Beast” in this daily favorite.

Red Rose Taverne - Ce restaurant situé dans Fantasyland sera transformer en Village Haus une taverne française animée, avec de délicieux repas parfaits pour tous les âges!
Décoré de peintures murales représentant des scènes La belle et la Bête ainsi que des drapé avec des rideaux .
Chaque pièce de Red Rose Taverne racontera un autre chapitre de l'histoire.
Le menu se transformera aussi, avec une touche "taverne francaise"

Maurice’s Treats - un emplacement spécial pour le marchandisede adjacent à Red Rose Taverne avec du merchadise souvenirs .

Gaston - Gaston sera ainsi de retour dans Fantasyland Arrêtez-le et demandez-lui de jouer avec ses biceps - il adore ça.

Maurice’s Treats- La fête se poursuit à proximité Fantasy Faire, où un menu spécial sera présenté.

The Royal Theatre présente “Beauty and the Beast” - le show Beauty and the Beast sera de nouveau présenté au Royal Theater


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